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SGC Prism Special Edition (SE) - The Ultimate LED Tube for Content Creators

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Derived from the original PRISM tube, the next generation SGC PRISM SE LED tube has all the core qualities lighting professionals need and expect in three different lengths: 2’, 4’ and 8’. Superior color quality is coupled with essential built-in programmable effects, smooth flicker-free dimming, color-mixing and pixelation control via on-board menu, Bluetooth, WiFi or Blackout wireless DMX app.

Built with a rugged AL6063+ aircraft quality aluminum housing and metal end caps, PRISM SE tubes withstand travel and tough rental environments and come in a variety of kits. The proprietary removable internal battery design allows extra batteries to be kept on charge and swapped out instead of swapping out the entire tube.

The rotating end cap gives you the flexibility to keep the on-board menu out of sight for in-sight shots and multiple mounting hardware components are included with each tube for creative and convenient rigging. All this comes together at pricing to fit all budgets with customer service and product support in the USA.

Sizes, Color & Output

Convenient lengths in standard T12 diameter make the PRISM SE the best option for filling any need where an LED tube is needed. Beautifully saturated colors are fully animated with the most pixels found in any single row LED tube. Individually CIE1931 calibrated lamps result in 100% color consistency and accurate RGB-ACL color reproduction for brilliant whites, green / magenta control and X/Y coordinating.

Innovative Power System

Universal 90 – 240 VAC is available for each tube via a 24V DC plug makes it easy to plug the PRISM SE LED tube anywhere in the world. The unique removable internal Li-Ion battery design allows extra batteries to be kept on charge and swapped out instead of swapping out the entire tube.

Now with the PRISM SE, extra tubes aren’t need as a backup, only extra batteries.

Wireless, Connectivity & Local Control

Performance starts with control and the PRISM SE gives you plenty of it. Onboard screen and buttons on a rotating end cap give you full control over all available features for quick, local adjustments. RJ45 ethernet connectors for hardline DMX daisy chaining are on each tube.

Wireless options give you even more flexibility with Bluetooth access, universal 2.4 Ghz Wifi, sACN and ArtNet providing a pathway for use in wireless lead-follow displays, Blackout Wireless DMX app or CRMX Lumen Radio.