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Prism 120 Gaffer Kit Pro

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The Gaffer Kit pro is the new and improved all-in-one solution for your professional and creative lighting needs in a portable and convenient package. The kit includes 4 of the revolutionary SGC Prism lights, which are Sidus Link enabled, RGBWW tubes.
The kit is jam packed with accessories that will make mounting, setup, and transport super easy and convenient for your next shoot. The new system includes the absolutely essential External Battery Charger, which brings unprecedented efficiency to your productions. In addition to this, there is a new rod and mini tripod system for a much sleeker aesthetic for practical light use.

Each light is 120cm, as indicated by the P120 name, which is the perfect size for your innovative product shots, colorful music videos, or super hard to rig parts of set that need a blast of high-quality light. This kit includes 4 of these 120cm tubes to help put the final touch on your perfect filmmaking setup. 


4 - PRISM 120 LED

1 - Hard Plastic Protective Case

1 - Custom EVA Plastic Foam

4 - AC Power Adapter with Regional Plug

4 - T12 SGC Mounting Plate

8 - T12 Q-block tube holder

4 - Mini Tripod Stand

8 - 9. Solutions 5/8” Rod Set (500mm)

4 - Aluminum Tube holder with 3/8 Adapter thread

4 - DMX Jumper Cables (30cm)

8 - Battery Pack (Included in each of the P120 lights)

1 - External Battery Charging Station


Fulfilled in Hong Kong or Los Angeles, CA depending on your shipment address