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Filmsticks Professional Clapperboards (UK & EU Layout)

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  • Each size kit comes boxed and contains: Filmsticks all-weather Professional Clapperstick, Acrylic slate board, Board Sleeve Cover, Board Tape and Instruction sheet on how to connect the acrylic board to the Clappersticks
  • Clapperboard Kits Medium: 280mm (11″) x 190mm (7.5″)
  • Clapperboard Kits Small: 190mm (7.5″) x129mm (5″)
  • Clapperboard Kits Tiny: 150mm (6″) x 102mm (4″)
  • Industry standard All Weather Sticks and Acrylic Boards make up our Clapperboard, which have been used for a many years in the UK Film market.
  • Made from ABS Resin, making it durable in all types of weather.
  • 3.5mm insert for the board/slate, Filmsticks Clappersticks can accept boards/slates with slightly different thickness.
  • Design, with a Tongue and Groove insert to allow for gripping marking tape when measuring distance, prevents light from coming through the sticks when in a closed position, and reduces side wobble on the sticks.