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Essential Travel Kit - Quad

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The essential travel kit is the On-the-Go setup for your professional and creative lighting needs in a portable and light weight package. The kit includes 4 of the revolutionary SGC Prism lights, which are Sidus Link enabled, RGBWW tubes.

The kit is jampacked with accessories that will make mounting, setup, and transport super easy and convenient for your next shoot.

Each light is 120cm, as indicated by the P120 name, which is an ideal length for great wraparound on a key light or as a practical in a music video. This kit includes 4 of these 120cm tubes to make up your perfect filmmaking package.

1. Travel Carrying Case: 1 pc
2. PRISM 120 LED Tube: 4 pcs
3. DMX Jumper Cables (30cm): 4 pcs
4. Battery Pack: 4 pcs
5. Power Supply: 4 pcs
6. T12 tube Mounting holder: 4 pcs
7. T12 Mounting Plate for Q-blocks: 4 pcs
8. T12 Q-block: 8 pcs
9. Hex Screw Set: 8 pcs
10. Receiver for Light Stand & C-Stand: 4 pcs
11. Instruction Manual: 4 pcs

Fullfilled in Hong Kong or Los Angeles, CA depending on your shipment address